2016 Volunteer Leadership Awards

ALC | September 23-24, 2016


Each year at ALC, the MIT Alumni Association honors the valuable contributions of MIT volunteers during the Leadership Awards Celebration.

The annual Leadership Awards Celebration applauds MIT’s most dedicated volunteers. Each year, volunteers are honored with the Association’s Bronze Beaver Award; the Henry B. Kane ’24 Award; the Harold E. Lobdell ’17 Distinguished Service Award; the George B. Morgan ’20 Award; the Margaret L. A. MacVicar ’65, ScD ’67 Award; and the Great Dome Award. The 2016 celebration took place Saturday evening, Sept. 24, and honored the MIT alumni listed below.

Bronze Beaver Award
The Bronze Beaver Award is the highest honor the Association can bestow upon any alumni volunteer. It is given to recognize distinguished service to the Alumni Association and the Institute by alumni who have been active in most or all phases of alumni activity and who have been outstanding in at least one phase. Alf K. Berle ’27 and Carole (Cac) A. Clarke ’21 were the first recipients of this award, which was established in 1955. 315 individuals have been awarded the Bronze Beaver.

  • Gerald M. Appelstein ’80
  • Barry R. Bronfin ’60, SM ’61, ScD ’63
  • Mohammed A. Jameel ’78

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Henry B. Kane ’24 Award
The Henry B. Kane ’24 Award recognizes exceptional fundraising service and accomplishments for the Alumni Association and MIT. 114 individuals have received this award.

  • Inge Gedo ’85
  • Dirk A. Kabcenell ’75
  • Jesse Lipcon ’65, SM ’66

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Harold E. Lobdell ’17 Distinguished Service Award
The Harold E. Lobdell ’17 Distinguished Service Award recognizes service to the Alumni Association and MIT that is of significant depth over a sustained period. Lobdell’s interest and commitment to MIT spanned all areas of alumni relations. 320 individuals have received this award.

  • Farrokh K. Captain ’66, SM ’67, MO ’68
  • Steven C. Carhart ’70, SM ’72
  • Mary T. (Teri) Centner ’89
  • Cristina Dolan SM ’94
  • L. Dennis Shapiro ’55, SM ’57
  • Bruce D. Wedlock ’56, SM ’58, ScD ’62
  • Kenneth Kwokmung Yeung ’88, SM ’89

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Margaret L. A. MacVicar ’65, ScD ’67 Award Recipients
The Margaret L. A. MacVicar ’65, ScD ’67 Award, established in 2015, recognizes innovation, dedication and meaningful impact for the Alumni Association or the Institute in any area of volunteer activity, demonstrating strong potential for future volunteer leadership for the Association. Recipients will typically have ten or fewer cumulative years of volunteer service to the Association and/or MIT. The first presentation will be at the 2016 Alumni Leadership Conference and will recognize eight individuals.

  • Ryan F. Allard ’06 & Kyle M. Zeller ’06
  • Clinton C. Blackburn ’08
  • Bridget C. Brett ’06, SM ’08
  • Elaine J. Harris ’78
  • Joseph H. Levitch ’69
  • Kathreen E. Thome ’09
  • Vandita M. Wilson ’90

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George B. Morgan ’20 Award
The George B. Morgan ’20 Award recognizes ongoing excellence in all aspects of Educational Council activity. This includes dedication to MIT, an abiding concern for the interests of prospective students, and exceptional standards of achievement and professionalism in meeting Council responsibilities. 245 individuals have received this award.

  • Hope M. Barrett ’98
  • Eleanore G. Klepser ’66
  • Anna E. Lee ’97
  • Richard C. Lufkin ’68
  • Barry J. Margulies ’89
  • Edward H. Nakamoto ’88
  • Michael A. Paluszek ’76, EAA ’79, SM ’79
  • Christina Suk Fun Poon ’88
  • Tanya E. Segel ’84
  • Michael T. Strauss ’79, ’85, PhD ’85
  • Mary F. Tong ’90, SM ’91
  • Michael R. Wildermuth ’72

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Great Dome Award
The Great Dome Award (formerly known as the Presidential Citation) is the highest honor the Association bestows upon any of its organizations. Like the Bronze Beaver for individuals, this award is given to groups in recognition of distinguished service to the Institute or the Association. Prior to 1968, outstanding organizations were given Bronze Beaver awards.
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  • MIT Club of Northern California Energy and Environment Program Track
  • MIT Club of South Texas Science Olympiad Invitational
  • Sigma Chi Fraternity, MIT Alpha Theta Chapter

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2016 Honorary Membership in the Alumni Association Recipients

The constitution of the Alumni Association, adopted at its annual meeting held on December 30, 1897, provided that anyone who has rendered outstanding service to the Association or the Institute, including any present or former member of the Corporation or any present or former officer of administration or instruction on the staff of the Institute, as well as their spouses, may be elected an Honorary Member. To date, a total of 170 individuals have been awarded Honorary Membership.

On June 4, 2016, at the Technology Day luncheon, Honorary Membership will be awarded to:

  • John H. Harbison
  • Candace L. Royer